Friday, January 27, 2012

CNY week

Pretty boring week. No one was here so I didn’t go out much. I am really glad the holidays are over though. Been doing a lot of thinking lately and I need to get my mind off certain things. Can not wait for class to start again. I miss those 30 minutes drive from home to college.

I am no longer a P license holder now. 2 years it has been and I never drove a car during that whole period. Hopefully when I do have a car, I will still remember how to drive.

A lot of things has been in my mind lately on top of the weird dreams I have been having. I wish I could talk to someone all about it but I can not allow myself to get ahead of things. Sometimes I feel I am thinking and worry too much, I probably do. When I was in high school, I had a chest pain. Me and my dad went to the doctor and the doctor said what causing it is stress. A high school student should not have stress he said, too young. I do not get anymore chest pain now but I have not been able to sleep well these past few days. I need to get out and enjoy life, not stressing over stuff that I can not do anything about.

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